Assessment Solutions

We provide assessment solutions for hiring and employee development. 

We work with organizations to help maximize employee potential and performance.

  • Pre-employment
  • Job Matching
  • Performance
  • Management
  • Sales

  • 50% of organizations are dissatisfied with the new sales representative they hire
  • 46% of new hires fail within 18 months.
Turning Point Resources

Our assessments provide validated and reliable information that can help your organization make better hiring and management decisions. They help you select the right people, develop their professional skills, and provide tools for management, coaching and succession planning.

  • 95% of employers are victims of theft

Did You Know?

  • Technical skills are not the primary reason for employee failure.

Employees are the most valuable resource in any organization.

Our assessment tools:

  • Match candidates with the position
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Help hire the right people
  • 30% of job applications contain false information

Insight into Aptitude, Attitude and Ability

Matching people to potential

Turning Point Resources has the tools to turn your people challenges into profits