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  • Work to understand your organization
  • Committed to understanding your hiring objectives
  • Follow up throughout the process
  • Long term relationship objective
  • Understanding of HR and Recruiting
  • Experienced hiring manager
  • Customizable Assessment Products  

My commitment:

Insight into Aptitude, Attitude and Ability

Matching people to potential

Turning Point Resources

What We do:

Why Turning Point Resources:

Turning Point Resources

The experience I received from 30 years in the staffing industry gave me access to see and hear about many different organization's  challenges during the hiring process for many different types of positions. Even my own experiences and challenges with being responsible for hiring sales and management employees were very frustrating. On so many occasions I saw what looked like a "perfect match" turn into a failed hire. The result of this was disappointment, lost time, lost wages and lost revenue. Over the years I used several different assessment tools and became very interested in understanding what they were and why they helped make a difference in the results of the hire beyond the standard interview process. By layering in the assessment information I had a better fit in many  cases.

After retiring from that role, I looked at what I wanted to do with my next venture. I  realized that helping business understand the advantage of utilizing assessments to create a process to hire better matched employees and providing tools for  managing those employees was the right decision.  I started Turning Point Resources to provide those tools and help organizations create a more dynamic and successful workforce.  Turning Point Resources, as an Authorized Business Partner of Profiles International, Inc,  provides customizable assessment tools that are used throughout the employee life cycle, from selection, onboarding, management and strategic work force planning. I am very excited to offer the many assessment tools we have as well as my knowledge and background in staffing and human resources to each of my clients as we work through the individual challenges you have in your hiring process.  I know that by incorporating these assessment tools into your organization's hiring process you will gain insights beyond a resume, skill sets and experience and start to hire a more committed productive employee creating a more profitable organization. Call me! Let's sit down one on one and discuss your hiring objectives!

I look forward to talking with you!

Karen Vallis - CPC, CSP

Why Assessments:

  • Fewer Costly Mis-hires!
  • Reduced Turnover!
  • Better Productivity
  • More effective teams
  • Customizable by company, position, manager, and geography.
  • Validated reliable information
  • Robust reporting for interviewing, management, training and succession planning
  • Higher PROFITS!

We meet with you and your team one on one to understand your hiring challenges and company objectives. Together we can then determine which assessment tools will provide solutions that will help turn your people challenges into PROFITS!

  • Pre-employment
  • Hiring
  • Job Matching
  • Performance Review
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Training and Coaching